LHiggins.jpgI am an educational consultant with over two decades experience in teaching biology at the high school and college level. My passion for teaching focuses on getting students to think and make their own meaning, rather than repeat factual content they find elsewhere. A firm believer in structuring classes to create safe environments for intellectual exploration and risk-taking, I enjoy working with others to help them find their own path to understanding.

My interests in learner development led me to return to the classroom as a student of education, with a focus on curriculum and professional development K-16. My experience as a student of education revealed that collegiate faculty spend far too much time and effort “reinventing the wheels” of pedagogy: in the rich experience of the past 120 years of US education are myriads of useful approaches, many documented to improve student learning.

The fusion of my experiences in the classroom as teacher and student resulted in a novel model of curriculum design and evaluation. I seek to bring to you the richness of my joint experience.  You can read more at my “Mini biographical sketch.” Please explore my web site, and do not hesitate to contact me for more information.
Linden Higgins