Here are some references and links to resources that I have found particularly useful.  They are grouped, somewhat artificially, into facilitating conversations and change leadership, and learning and teaching for critical thinking. I say “artificial” because change leadership is teaching, teaching is facilitating conversations, and changing the way you teach is learning.

I welcome additions to this short list, in the form of comments (below).

Facilitating and leading change in educational settings:

  • Dendros Group’s Good Work Tools for designing and facilitating conversations.
  • Tony Wagner’s book, Change Leadership, contains many approaches designed specifically for educators.
  • Jeanne Keay and Christine Lloyd’s book, Linking children’s learning with professional learning, presents a coherent, tested, model for learner-outcome focused professional development for educators.
  • The need for change in training of graduate students in higher education is well explained in Daniel Deneke, Julia Kent, and William Wiener’s report, available free on the Council of Graduate Schools web site.
  • Derek Bok’s support for liberal education and the maintenance of shared governance in colleges and universities is particularly eloquent in Higher Education in America (Princeton University Press, revised edition 2015).
  • Lastly, and as a bridge to teaching resources, Rudolf van den Berg’s 2002 article Teacher’s meanings regarding educational practice (Review of Educational Research 72:577-625) is an excellent introduction to the instructor’s point of view in the morass of policy, practice, and assessment changes.

Learning and teaching for critical thinking:


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